Böhle Studios

Böhle Studios is entirely built with sustainable principles. All our studio work has zero carbon emissions. Since 2022 all our animation productions will apply for albert certification and aim for the highest sustainability rating.

This is how we have made our company sustainable:

Renewable energy
& heating

  • All electricity is 100% from renewable sources.
  • The mix room is heated and cooled with an air-source heat pump, and the video unit, office room and living quarters are heated with a ground-source heat pump.
  • Böhle Studios are surrounded by 6 acres of sustainable, nature-rich woods. There is enough volume to provide firewood for sauna & fireplaces, but also to act as a carbon sink, with annual growth that is estimated to tie 6 tons of co2.
  • Solar panels were installed 2023 in order to reduce bought electricity on daytime peak hours.
Energy consumption

Maximized lifespan of
equipment & buildings

  • We do not update equipment regularly, we update only when it is smart.
  • We prefer modularity over integration, for better repairability, expandability and re-usability – both in IT, audio, video and building technology.
  • Sound studio was originally built in 1944 as a cowshed, and converting an old building saved tons of co2-intensive building materials like concrete and bricks
  • All buildings are renovated with traditional, natural and breathing principles and solutions, using recycled materials wherever possible.

Advanced technical solutions

  • We see technical skills and knowledge as important tools for reducing one’s ecological footprint.
  • At Böhle, the heating is not only controlled by local temperature, humidity and motion sensors, but also with Nordic Electricity Pool spot prices. Therefore our electricity consumption is reduced on peak hours, when Nordic electricity production relies more on coal plants.
  • Every aspect of energy consumption is measured and monitored.
  • In the machine room, the heating is provided by equipment, except on the coldest winter days a small electric heater is activated. When the equipment has no use, but heating is required, computers automatically lend their CPUs to distributed scientific calculation thru scienceunited.org.

Other key aspects

  • Environment is considered, whatever we do. From office paper to car usage.
  • All the waste types of the Finnish recycling systems are collected and the bio-waste is composted at the premises.
  • Only landfill waste ever produced at Böhle studios has been from the building materials used at the 80’s by previous owners.
  • We work where we live, so no commuting is needed.
  • Our productions rely heavily on remote work, remote presence and minimizing all transportation.