Böhle Studios – sound design & music production for films, media art and advertising.

Voiceovers. UX, immersive and interactive sound. Skills refined by more than 20 years of audio productions, highest quality studio premises and distraction-free rural environment guarantee the best results for all kinds of projects.


Mix &

Enjoy natural sunlight or project your movie on the big screen. Use latest digital technology or analogue classics. Remote connect via fiberoptic internet.

The main space is 34 square meters and it’s height is 3,5 meters. But attention to details has never slipped, not aesthetically or acoustically.

Talk, sing, perform

Vocal booth should not look like an office or a laboratory. So instead of plasterboard, plastic and fiberglass we used natural products: wood fiber panels, tatami floors, linen upholstery and clay render walls.

Living atmosphere, dead acoustics and natural air quality make even the longest recording sessions enjoyable.


“The most ecological building is a building that will not be built” (Panu Kaila, professor of architecture). Böhle Studios was built in 1943 as a cowshed, expanded 1965 and converted into a studio in 2020.

We are surrounded by fields and woods, but the nearest city Turku is only 20 minutes away and Helsinki is 1½ hours drive.

Roll up
the screen

Let the sun shine on MCI JH-636 desk, Yamaha, Korg, Roland and Casio synths, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Rode and Shure mics, acoustic instruments like piano, harmonium and autoharp, and other lovely pieces of gear.

Sound design &
music production

Jani Lehto
+358 44 5305536

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