Nun or

The nuns living in the convent are happily melted together, doing their daily routines in harmony. One of the nuns finds a man underground while digging potatoes. The nun begins to dream of a man and loses the shared rhythm.

Nun or never is a film about secrets that we all carry with us, more or less hidden. It started from a joke and became a study of standing out from the crowd in an unwanted way, and falling in love with fantasy instead of reality.

Prizes (updated February 2024):

Annecy 2023 Audience Award
Annecy 2023 France TV Prize
Bridge Film Festival 2023 Best Short Film
Cortocircuiti 2023 Best Animated Short Film
Turku Animated Film Festival 2023 Best National Film
Tirana International Film Festival 2023 2023 Best Debut Short Film
Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival 2023 Golden Eyeball (Grand Prize)
Animatou 2023 Grand Prix
Animest 2023 Jury’s Special Mention
Primanima 2023 Best Sound Design
Primanima 2023 PrimAlter Prize
Primanima 2023 Best First Film
Taichung International Animation Festival 2023 Jury Distinction Award
Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2023 Audience award
REX Animation Festival 2023 Winner of Nordic Competition
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2023 Minister of Foreign Affairs Award
Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne 2023 Best Animated Film
Anilogue 2023 Jury Special Award
PIAFF – Festival International du Film d’Animation de Paris 2024 Special Mention

Director: Heta Jäälinoja
Length: 11 minutes
Audience: all ages, art house
Premiere: Annecy 2023
Production: Jani Lehto
+358 44 5305536
Sales & Distribution: Miyu Distribution
+33 (0)4 4867 9009
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